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Phase 1: Campaign Creation

The initial step in the creation process for any Paid Per Click marketing campaign is key word research coupled with target audience research. Our dedicated team builds a campaign focused on delivering qualified traffic to you website, Our initial marketing campaign creation consist of :

  1. Effective keyword targeting - we will find the right keywords that will be effective in your advertisement efforts, making your campaign thrive fast without having to spend much of your time or budget.
  2. Landing page selection - choosing the best landing page is an essential part when creating a PPC advertisement. We will make sure that when a user clicks on your advertisement, they will be sent directly to your landing page that reflects your ad copy with an effective call to action.
  3. Writing effective and engaging advertisements - An effective advertisement that engages your potential visitors is very important, With us, we will not only write ads that would entice your users to click right on them but will also encourage your users to become returning clients

Phase 2: Optimization and Growth

After the initial creation phase , your dedicated team will continuously optimize your PPC marketing efforts by discovering potential opportunities that will enable your campaign to reach new boundaries, delivering great return on investments. You can expect the support that will help you grow:

  1. Solid testing of advertisements - we will monitor the effectiveness of your ads in order to ensure that they will run at the highest or peak efficiency. This involves a dedicated process of A/B testing of ad copy.
  2. Reacting to user trends - user trends determine just how your ad may need a change to be more effective and successful. We will follow these trends to know where the clicks are happening. This provides insight on how to revise your advertising, giving your marketing campaign an edge over your competition.
  3. Monitoring of keyword performance - Monitoring the performance of your key words is important, your budget will be spent wisely because we create ROI goals with you and alter the bids accordingly based mainly on the keywords that are gaining or driving the highest number of conversions at the lowest cost of acquisition.

Phase 3: Detailed Campaign Reporting

We take the guess work out of Paid Per Click marketing reporting. Whether it is campaign changes, new data or new user trends that we find from our own testing, we strive to know exactly what is important, you are kept involved and updated. You can trust us to deliver reports covering in :

  1. Search spends insight - we will provide you an insight about how your search money or budget is spent so that you will also know what you are getting in return.
  2. Conversion data - by knowing what advertisements or keywords drive more conversions for your online business is very essential for you to be able to make more wise and qualified decisions.
  3. Demographic targeting - by knowing the demographic interested in your business, you can more effectively tailor your marketing campaign to reflect your audience.
  4. Location data - whether your business operates on a local, national, or global scale it is always important to know where traffic to your online presence is originating.

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